Sunday, April 26, 2009

Log + Blog

Check it out! We have a blog now! And a log! What's the difference between the two?

This is a blog, you can comment on it and Jon and I can both post on it, including cool screenshots, concept art, updates, information, photos, and whatever else we feel like posting related to the development of Closure.

The log is a dump of every screenshot I take and every video I record, along with other content related to the development of the game. It is a file dump, but contains a nice timeline of the day to day progress on development. I always take a lot of screenshots during development, but usually end up just trashing them. Not this time, I decided it'd be neat (at least for me) to track progress in a very direct way, especially cause the new version of Closure is my most ambitious project yet, and will take quite a while to finish.

So you may be wondering what this new Closure game actually is? Is it a remake? A sequel? An Improvement? Well the best way I can describe it is so: The flash version was a prototype. Yes, I polished it up and didn't pitch it as so, but that's what it was. Flash wasn't exactly adequate in letting me explore all the design possibilities, it's shader support was nice, but too slow to do anything more than what I had originally. So, I sent out the flash version anyway as a way to get feedback, see if people enjoyed it, and get suggestions for improvement. I read each and every review for the game on Newgrounds, and I still do. I read every critics' opinion, complaints, suggestions, and compliments.

In the end what this means is the new closure is simply a realization of the vision we had for the original one, plus more. It's an improvement, an expansion, a remake, and a sequel all in one. It will have new levels, new items, more levels, new puzzles, some new stories, and will run fullscreen in high definition. I'm still working on a price and what platforms to release on in addition to OSX and windows, but for now I'm focusing on the actual game. I'm not one to charge for stuff that's not worth it, so I can assure you this version will be lightyears ahead of the old one.


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