Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finishing Up only to Start Again

So Mr. Glaiel has been done with school for a few weeks now, but I have 2 days left of exams and I'm almost out of here to catch up with the project. But not immediately. This past week Tyler tells me Closure (Flash version) got into Indiecade, an Independent Games Festival type show that features a few Indie games at different expos. So we were awarded free passes to E3 in LA. Tyler can't attend this year but I happen to be in California for a few weeks during that time interning with my uncle of Whitney Digital so it all works out nicely. I will be attempting to attend all 3 days, June 2-4, demo-ing the Flash version of Closure at the Indiecade booths on the show floor. So if you're going to E3 make sure to stop by and check it out! I'm also advertising the new Closure we will be working on all summer, handing out business cards to all who are interested or pass by.

Concept art has been on hold for a little while now and this is stalling it further, but in my opinion, E3 is definitely worth it. I made business cards today, and I am in the process of setting up my soon-to-be website, I'm getting my cousins of Whitney Studios to redesign my current site, into something more professional and simple before E3 comes around. I've kinda been pushing off school work for this type of stuff but what's college going to do besides give me a degree anyway? :P Just kidding, stay in school.

So artwise, the project is on a standstill but I'm excited to start working on it when the time comes. There were a few issues I had during the process of the last project that I want to address. First, of course, concept art. Concept art is tough on the spot. Needing something that stands out among all others that fits the criteria of what the lead designer is asking for. Now, it doesn't sound that difficult, but when you get down to it, you gotta have style. I'm going to try and give this game a lot more style than the Flash version because the Flash version was very basic in terms of artwork. There were a lot of repeated assets that were just thrown in onto the polka-dot floor (which I didn't like too much to begin with) which tied the levels together SOMEWHAT but they seemed a bit too bland. Since we have so much more time to work on this game and I have practice with the graphics engine, and TOOLS (<3>

A second issue I had was the choppy graphics Flash produced when Tyler incorporated the light engine. I colored in the individual layers of each graphic so that as the light moved around the assets, parts of them would speckle away and disappear/reappear depending on how I painted them. It was hard to get details with the speckles because once I started drawing small, it'd look a mess. In the new version however, I plan to use a simpler yet more effective style that still looks 'realistic' or draws you into the atmosphere. I'm shying away from cartoony'ness for that reason. Also, because we're not using Flash, and we're using a much higher resolution and more graytones, it allows for much more variety in what I'm able to do as far as detail and style go, and I won't have to worry too much about the choppiness that came out of shading.

And finally, because Flash Closure was the first game I've ever made graphics for anyone else besides myself (that's right, I used to make my own games), I'm still getting used to giving away 'complete' graphics, rather than mediocre or unfinished ones that can kinda sorta pass as finished. I guess this can be included under needing to follow a specific style and making perfect lines and making all the in-game graphics look like they belong together, but I am trying to produce high-quality, professional graphics this time around. No etcha-sketch stuff. This will take a lot of work and time to start off, but once I get the hang of it and let my mind free, I should be able to pull it off or get on some kind of idea-spree. I felt very constricted in terms of what Tyler wanted and what the engine was letting me do so my mindset was also constricted. It's just another artistic struggle or block I have to get through so I'll let you know how it turns out when I start doing concepts!

Since I'm starting to try and be more professional, I made up my very first business card, ever, today for Closure that I will be passing out at E3. It's not too unique but it does its purpose.

And here is the one I made for myself which I will also be passing out. Still not too unique but it's my second card ever and still don't really have an idea for what video game or video game artists' business cards look like. (I guess that means I don't know whether or not it IS unique but I could imagine a few crazy ideas people could get for this.)

Now, back to school for a couple more days and I'll have finally finished freshman year of start working again soon! :)


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