Thursday, June 4, 2009

E3: Day 3

I arrived at the convention center at 10am sharp, ready to go. Unfortunately for me, that is 'late' because that's when all the attendees are allowed in. I had to make my way through the crowd to get to the front, show my exhibitor pass and quickly walk up to my station. The booths all looked the same as yesterday, on the way there. This would be the only time I see them all day and I didn't know it yet.

I went the entire day without a single bathroom or food break. It was extremely crowded today. There were people left and right and they didn't stop coming to check out the IndieCade booth. Someone was always looking over my shoulder (or at least within a minute or two of each other), watching me play Closure. Many people were interested in playing it as well so I was busy teaching and letting them play while explaining how it worked to the people viewing from behind me.

While I didn't meet any big celebrities today, such as Dan, John, Morgan Webb, or Olivia Munn, I would say it was one of the more productive days I attended E3. I received the most business cards today and I completely wiped out my supply of cards! I still had a few extra personal cards so I had to write down the website,, on the back. So hopefully people read the back of the card and remember to follow our blog.

A lot has seemed to stir up about PSN (PlayStation Network) lately. Two interested guys came by and wanted to know who from PSN came by yesterday. The two from today easily recognized the names and were excited to know that they had stopped by. The downloadable content network PlayStation 3 has now seems to be very stable and well developed thus far and will definitely be considered as an option when choosing how we will market the new Closure.

I also met a few sound guys who compose and do music and sounds for games. We are trying to get the new game up to date with the old one this summer so we will be looking into sound. It's all being considered in the development and we haven't made a clear decision yet as to how we will be going about this. In the previous version, Tyler made the atmospheric tracks for the background. We just need to be able to plan ahead with the amount of money involved while selling the game.

The day was a long one, not taking any breaks at all, and letting many, many people test the game out. It was very nice of IndieCade to invite us all out there to participate as developers of the booth, and I look forward to any of their future plans with other conventions and festivals. E3 was very productive and we got a lot of Closure exposure (I had to, I'm sorry) which will help later down the road when we want to start selling the new, full version.

So thanks to everyone who came out to see it at the booth and I hope you start following our blog. We literally post most of our thought and development processes here so it will be very fun and interesting what comes out onto the blog, compared to the final release.


Blogger Katz said...

Sounds like you had a good time...
were you on G4?
I didn't watch their E3 coverage this year...

June 6, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

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