Friday, July 24, 2009

Closure Killed Itself

Yup. If the game freezes, I have it kill itself now.

I had fun doing that. In the rush to get the game ready for the fall convention craziness, I had to put a little fail-safe in the game which causes it to brutally stab itself to death in the case that it freezes. The plus side is that now I can figure out what went wrong when it freezes, rather than just speculating, which will help me prevent those freezes for the final release.

It's every game's goal to be bug-free and crashless, but that's not always possible. If we choose to leave the level editor in there, there's nothing preventing someone from say, adding 400000000 spotlights into a level besides time (but someone could and will figure out the level file format and make "crash" levels and send them to people, it's inevitable), so it'd be useful for the game to kill itself in the case it can't handle an abusive level, rather than eat up resources and bog down the user's computer.

I should have the game give itself a funeral too.

Damn it I'm just procrastinating doing something useful, back to work!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're in. If you're at PAX, you'll get a chance to try the game out. Not the flash version either, THIS version!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Character Concept Art

I've been drawing some character art recently and I was thinking...What if the focused graphics, ground, character, main puzzle objects, etc, stand in too much with the other grayscale graphics? Well, we could just brighten them and make them much brighter. That is one option and I can see it working, but I also played with the idea of maybe trying the old two-tone style on the main graphics and grayscale fogged objects in the background. The two-tone style looks interesting in the fog. More to come though. Hard to see how it will all play out without seeing post-processed graphics all flowing together in-game but I'll test that out a bit later.

(Click to enlarge)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gametopius Interview

Thomas Cross, a writer for, stopped by my booth at E3 and really enjoyed Closure. So he decided to give us questions! You can read it here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Concept Art

So after long hours of doing doodles and sketches I've found a pretty solid style for the basis of the entire game, and more importantly our first level set, a "Factory". I've begun to do some drawings and we've started talking about how the graphics will be done for the graphical capabilities I wanted to try out for the game. I've been really busy with travel and inevitable personal roadblocks in the past month (and more to go over the next year or so) but I'm working around them.

Alright, well here's a wallpaper of a bunch of concept art mumbo jumbo to bask in for hopefully more than a few days. Here's a link to fullsize:

I'm going to start doing more - more closely related to how the in-game graphics will actually look, work, and feel. I've done a couple but they aren't as accurate as I would like so I have to draw some more stuff that include the small features I need Tyler to add in eventually so I can start playing with his fancy editors he so kindly created for me!

PS. Again, nothing is permanent, not even the title logo (which Tyler alerted me, looks like flOw's title even though I've never played that game, but I guess I probably should sometime...lack of PS3...). However, this is probably the general direction of the art and style of the grayscale system in the game. (Big difference from high contrasted black and white!)

I hate dark levels and water levels

I hate dark levels in games and water levels in games.

Funny how despite that, I'm making a game consisting of a bunch of dark levels and dark water levels, and enjoy doing so.

Just some thoughts.