Friday, July 24, 2009

Closure Killed Itself

Yup. If the game freezes, I have it kill itself now.

I had fun doing that. In the rush to get the game ready for the fall convention craziness, I had to put a little fail-safe in the game which causes it to brutally stab itself to death in the case that it freezes. The plus side is that now I can figure out what went wrong when it freezes, rather than just speculating, which will help me prevent those freezes for the final release.

It's every game's goal to be bug-free and crashless, but that's not always possible. If we choose to leave the level editor in there, there's nothing preventing someone from say, adding 400000000 spotlights into a level besides time (but someone could and will figure out the level file format and make "crash" levels and send them to people, it's inevitable), so it'd be useful for the game to kill itself in the case it can't handle an abusive level, rather than eat up resources and bog down the user's computer.

I should have the game give itself a funeral too.

Damn it I'm just procrastinating doing something useful, back to work!


Blogger Katz said...

You could do something funny like a funeral...

July 28, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

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