Wednesday, August 12, 2009

16:9, 4:3

For now, the game simply letterboxes itself to fit in with 4:3 screen ratios, as it is natively meant to run in 16:9 format.

It was a design decision to not make levels scroll and to make them all fit in one screen. We're gonna do our best to provide a smooth transition between levels to make the game feel connected and to make all the levels feel like they belong together. I tried scrolling the level in an early test. It felt pretty neat, made the game feel a little larger, but it absolutely killed the gameplay and puzzles when you couldn't easily see the whole level. It was a huge problem and we decided after much deliberation to do the game with entirely single screen puzzles, and make up for that fact by providing a ton of art and decoration for each level. It's gonna feel rich.

The final game will have over a hundred built in levels, with DLC level packs a possibility, if we aren't wiped out after designing and illustrating the first 120 levels.

Anyway, I thought about 4:3 ratios today, and was wondering about perhaps making the game fill up the whole screen, then scrolling slightly to the left and right as you move to preserve the 16:9 ratio size for levels. Would you rather have that, or the current solution of letterboxing? I'd prefer the letterboxing for reasons stated above, but I know some of you might get annoyed that the game would waste a portion of the screen that could be put to better use.

I'll probably make that an option in the settings for those who still have 4:3 TVs or monitors.


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